Chef Nak, Cambodia

"The more I am exposed to other cuisines around the world, the more I appreciate Cambodian cuisine. I believe that food is a great way to tell our stories, history, culture, and show Cambodian daily life."


“Once you arrive at Keemala, it is the personal touch and bespoke experiences that really make a lasting impression for our guests,” she says. “From personalised villa host service...


Ever since he was a child, Binh knew he wanted to become a chef and cook pho. Unfortunately, when his parents divorced, he dropped out of school and lived...

Kim Thu

Kim Thu followed her passion for food by enrolling in An Rê Mai Sen to become a Restaurant Specialist. She completed an apprenticeship at Le Méridien Saigon, a...


Before studying at La Boulangerie Française in Hue, Kha was a bricklayer. When he joined the school, he was an extremely shy young man hoping to find a promising...


Many of our trainees at KOTO hail from this Mekong Delta region. The people are absolutely amazing and the trainees are some of the most hospitable we’ve had through...


Tourism has changed my life completely. It has allowed me to learn about new places and cultures, and to be a part of helping the local community, especially, since...


Tourism has changed my life completely. It has allowed me to learn about new places and cultures, and to be a part of helping the local community, especially, since...


Right from the start, Swe Yi incorporated community based tourism initiatives as part of the stay experience and convinced her brother, a skilled chef who worked in renown luxury...


Brian Linden, Founder | The Linden Centre

"All of us have goodness in our hearts. We have to come up with a way in to start urging more people to really share that in a very global way."

"I hope in the future everyone considers the environment and that we don’t cut the branch on which we are sitting. Protecting wildlife means protecting humanity!"​
Janina Bikova
Ecotourism Advisor Laos Wildlife Conservation Society
"There are opportunities for the development of local communities because in the crisis when young people move back to their home villages and bring in the modern technology and new ideas to their communities."
Wanvipa Phanumat
Director of Community Based Tourism Development Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration
"The biggest thing I learnt during the course is that if you have a disability don’t think that you can’t do things. Believe in yourself – you also have value to society!"
Performer & Workshop Facilitator, epic arts
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"Tourism can be a holistic force for good in the Mekong Region linking travelers and communities to create a sustainable future for us and the planet."
Nattakorn Asunee Na Ayudhaya
Communications Manager, Steps
"Working with clients is another window through which to look at your own culture and the environment. "
Aung Kyaw Swar
A Little Eco Lodge
Potjana 1
"Seeing the beautiful nature and working with the wonderful people of the region inspires me to be a better person."​
Potjana Suansri
Founder, Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute
"We really enjoy hospitality. Because when you have the guests they are far away from their homes, they really need the information about Myanmar. If you help them and everything is OK, they appreciate it and I am very happy."​
Win Receptionist, Excelsior Hotel Yangon
"The Mekong region is like an “onion”, one can keep learning about the peoples and the cultures of the region and appreciate it more and more like pealing the layers of an onion."​
Shui Meng Ng
Co-founder of TaiBaan Crafts
"What I love about Steps is to see the local community engage with us and leave our coffee shops smiling."​
Theeta Hotrakitya
Co-founder and director of partnerships, Steps Social Enterprise
"Initially, it took me 20 days to complete a full set of quilt bedding. But after about six months of guidance, I was able to complete a full set in just two weeks."
Hoàng Thi Vân
Quilter at Mekong Quilts
"I love to support people to plant trees because our world will be better and have fresh air if there are a lot of trees"
Vannapha Thonepasong
EXO Foundation