Michael Biedassek

Michael is the founder and Chief Experience Officer of bangkokvanguards, Chief Content Creator at Hyperlocal and Chief Advocate of the Bangkok Heritage Week. His passion for urban exploration opened his eyes for the human condition in Bangkok’s diverse urban environs and inspired me to connect human stories with projects and travel experiences to address urban issues.

As a half German and half Thai, he sees himself as a bridge between his Western and Thai cultural roots. He is on a mission to bring his passion to the next level by creating opportunities and innovations that support and accelerate a more inclusive, sustainable, and creative tourism industry.


Salapao is a classic Chinese staple and every Chinese ethnic group has its own recipes and styles. I make Teochew style steamed buns. It’s different from how people in Hong Kong make it. The Cantonese like their Salapaos filled with BBQ pork, red bean and custard. It has a fluffy texture while the Teochew version is gummier. We also add sweet potato to give the steamed buns a softer texture.

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